Let Chat Fall Accessories, Makeup & How They Make You Feel!

Let Chat Fall Accessories, Makeup & How They Make You Feel!

     Let's be honest, we all want that feeling you get when you just left the salon with a new cut or color, that feeling when you leave the nail salon with a fresh set or a mani, the feeling you get with a new pair of fall boots, earrings and some red lipstick...!   I can go on all day, but we all know the feeling I'm referring to!  It's a boost!!  A boost of confidence, a reminder that we are sexy, a way of making you feel untouchable, powerful, and wanted!  Peeps, you are not alone, we ALL want that feeling, all the time!   It's intoxicating and empowering all in one.  It's a freakin vibe and I want to rock that vibe all damn day!

So, what is it that makes you feel so refreshed and so confident?  

I have heard this referred to as a Power Piece and I'm adopting the name, because I love it!  Power Pieces are accessories, makeup, hairstyles, outfits etc... that bring out our highest confidence!  They let our inner goddess out, show the core of who we really are, our authentic selves and confidence in being just that! 

We all run from and want to hide (at some point in life) from our true selves.  We slap on our "customer service" smile and try to "fit in" with all the other women in our lives.  But all we are doing is denying our true selves, our true spirit, the essence of what makes us special by holding back and filtering ourselves, just so we can be a friggin filter of who we 'assume' Mary from down the road wants us to be.  So stop....


Stop filtering yourself to satisfy what we assume other women want to see,hear, and think about us.  And start making it socially acceptable to be the truest version of yourselves without filter, without excuse, without any type of understanding needed, just let your inner goddess out and let her shine!!

Now if you think that I am telling you that wearing a sparkly bracelet or a new pair of shoes is going to change your life....then you are RIGHT!  All it takes is a feeling of confidence to spark this change.  You don't need to change, you only need to embrace your true self and stop hiding or playing life small trying to fit societal standards.  You be you girl, and I'll be me!


Create your Power Piece Pack and tell me what does it for you?


For me my style is always evolving which means my power pieces change from time to time but the energy they give me remains the same!  This time of year, I am loving all things gold, rose gold and all the bronze and black accessories and hair colors!  I also take my regular mint, aqua, blush and lavender color vibes and bring them dark for the fall, into Jewel tones.  Check out my favorite picks below for this time of year!


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