Migraines and Rosewood

Migraines and Rosewood

   Do you suffer from Migraines and severe tension headaches like me?  I have suffered with this awful head banging, blinding, nauseating pain for years, since I was a child.  I have tried every type of migraine medicine.  I did find one that actually helped when I get a migraine, but there are times when I have to take as many as 4 pills to make my migraine subside. --Like I said these are very severe migraines and taking 4 pills or even more than one is rare for me but does happen.  

    I am constantly looking for new materials and healing stones to work with in making my jewelry since I first discovered healing stones.  I found these beautiful beads that are made of Rosewood.  They are gorgeous and something totally different and new for me typically working with Crystals and healing stones.  After deciding to mix them with my typical Crystals I wasn't sure how they would go over, but after seeing the finished product I was in love and I wasn't alone!  You are probably asking yourselves what does Rosewood have to do with her migraines??

    Well after working with these beautiful wood beads and looking further into the material, I discovered that Rosewood beads are actually healing as well and have a natural remedy of healing headaches and helping to reduce nervousness.  Its the natural woody scent of the Rosewood that is supposed to help.  These beads also are used in many Mala necklaces to help create a sense of soothing and to help boost your energy.  

    After learned about these great qualities I recommend trying these amazing bracelets even more!  On top of that if you are an essential oil type of person and prefer diffusing versus the natural qualities of the wood, these wooden beads will actually hold the essential oils as well.  

   Between the added sparkle and the natural wood these bracelets are both unique and purposeful.  They give your style a sense of natural essence with a chic pop of sparkle and they are good for the soul as well.

I will be wearing my Rosewood bracelet more often!


.....Keep calm and Rosewood on!

<3 Crystal


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