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Inspirations By Crystal Teal

Animal Wisdom Wolf Candle

Animal Wisdom Wolf Candle

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$1 from each candle goes to education and conservation projects around the world that support

Mother Earth and the Animal Kingdom

Animal guides are beautiful beings that walk with us throughout our lifetime to be the mirror for us, to guide us and help us navigate our paths consciously. Whether it's our totem animal that has been gifted to us prior to our birth sharing the characteristics of who we are, a spirit messenger at any given moment to assist us with some klarity on our path or calling on specific power animals for the medicine they carry, animal wisdom is available for each and every one of us. Knowing who they are and what they represent for us allows us to connect with them in our times of need for support and better understanding of our experiences consciously and in the moment. 

Animal Wisdom candles are reminders of these powerful beings, their medicine and messages they want to share with us.
Each fragrance free earth friendly candle (soy/coconut/beeswax/organic cotton wick) is made as a co creation with spirit and brought into a sacred session where an animal and it's message has appeared for me through my connection to universal energy, my ancestors, the animals, and mother earth. Upon receiving your candle you will be directed to a private link
where you will find the deeper meaning of your animal through the oracle of my ancestors.

With your intentions open to receiving, ask for what you want or need, light your candle to connect with your animal in whatever way you feel is in your highest good, be it message or medicine. Whether you know what you need or not the animal you chose does. Add your favorite essential oil to the wick before lighting for an additional connection to your senses and your spirit.

If you are interested in going even deeper to learn about your Totem Animal I am available to take you on that Sacred Journey to meet them. If you are interested in an animal that was not mentioned please reach out as custom orders can be made. 

Want to Journey to find your Totem Animal?  

"Contact Us" and we will put you in touch with Kelly directly!

Available Animals: 


If you do not see the animal of your choice - custom orders are available. 
stay tuned - more animals coming soon

11 oz Candle (3.5" tall)  
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