Favorite Fall Dishes

Favorite Fall Dishes

In our house, we have a bunch of favorite comfort foods for the fall/winter seasons!  

Our favorite would have to be a Full Turkey Dinner- fit with a large "Thanksgiving" style Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Stuffing, and Biscuits!

Our favorite thing to do is to turn leftovers into "Turkey Gobblers"!! Those are Turkey sandwiches built with stuffing, turkey and 'cranberry mayo' which is amazing!!! And dipped in gravy!!  So amazing!

Another one of our fav snacks that we love to bring to parties are Oreo balls!  Which is literally a package of Oreos and a package (1 lb) of cream cheese blend and roll into balls, refrigerate for 2 hours, then dip in melted chocolate drizzle white chocolate and maybe sprinkles or fun toppings on top then refrigerate for another hour!  So good!! You can add black licorice to turn these into spiders for Halloween or candy corn to make little turkeys for Thanksgiving! So many possibilities!!

Another favorite meal of ours if you are not a Turkey person is Ham- Simply ham steak and pirogies!  I just fry up the pre-cooked ham just to brown it, and the pirogies I make two ways, some like them simply boiled then sprinkle on some garlic salt and pepper, and some like them fried up in some cooking oil and sprinkle with the garlic salt and pepper!  So good!! I personally love to top my ham AND pirogies with maple syrup, so does Eleanor and Claire!  My husband thinks we're crazy but its so good!

The most favorite thing this time of year though is definitely soups!  I love holding a big soup mug in my hand, feeling the warmth and the comfort food!  I could totally live off any kind of chicken soup!

Favorite drink this time of year, hot chocolate, iced coffee (no matter what time of the year) and hot apple cider!! <3 

Im also a BIG fan of brunch and big breakfasts with Mimosa's but really who's not?!  

Drop your fav recipes in the comments lets do a recipe trade ladies!! 


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