Our Story

 Hi Friends!!

 Im Crystal Teal, the Founder and Designer of Crystal Teal Co.

 I have been creating jewelry for the last 10 years and I can truly say I am passionate about what I do! There is something special about hand making each and every unique piece.

 My mission is to empower every woman and young girl to EMBRACE their body as we REDEFINE beauty standards!

I, like so many of us have fallen victim to insecurities and body shaming in the past, never embracing my body and loving myself like I deserved to be.  But I'm hoping with our SIZE INCLUSIVE brand we start to redefine standards and help to cultivate a new culture in fashion, where we embrace our bodies at any size instead of shaming ourselves.

I hope that through my SIZE INCLUSIVE jewelry line and our body confidence platform that I inspire you to wear the damn shorts, put on that cute as hell bathing suit and feel that confidence flow through you as you realize that being comfortable in your skin is the most POWERFUL feeling in the world and no one can EVER take that away from you!!

Here you will find every piece in our collections will be available at ANY size because we are here to support you, empower you and LIFT YOU UP!!

Everyone at EVERY SIZE is welcome here and my goal is to leave you feeling as confident and beautiful as I knew you were when you walked in our “doors”!! 

Always remember that you are a freakin Goddess!!

 XoXo 💋 Crystal

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