About Kelly

Kelly McCarthy is an expert in understanding energetic frequencies and how we imprint and impact the world whether consciously or unconsciously. As a former restaurant owner and mother of two she was caught in the frantic energy of always trying to stay one step ahead struggling to juggle both personal and professional life with the need to slow down. After a hospital stay the clinical world would call a breakdown, Kelly saw it as a breakthrough to learn from a variety of modalities to help her remember her connection to self, her ancestors  and the power of aligning with the laws of the Universe. As a spiritual leader in the holistic community, she was called to create her business, Beyond Words N Wisdom, sharing her knowledge through writing for publications such as Brainz Magazine, co authoring  a best selling book, public speaking, mentoring and sharing personalized 1:1 Universal Energy sessions. 
Having embraced her lineage as a storyteller of souls, she unlocks the secrets hidden by your ancestral fate and deepest fears as a mirror for others to see themselves as she and the universe already see them. Kelly will assist you in reawakening your true being through a path of awareness with compassion of your karmic fate with a deeper understanding of how to create your destiny. Her ability to whisper the wisdom of universal energy, her ancestors and the animal kingdom will leave you with an open heart and open mind to expand your intentional awareness of what is possible in your own life. When we know better we do better, and when we do better, we help create space for others to do the same. When we are in balance, areas of our life are easier to balance. It all starts from within and she is here to support you on that journey to remembering that space within you. With clarity and compassion her clients learn to identify and use their energetic footprint to leave legacies that matter. 

Klarity is who she is. Beyond Words and Wisdom is what she does.  


Kelly offers Soul Readings at Crystal Teal Co (in person) To book click here: Select a Date & Time - Calendly


If you'd like to Journey further in Person or Virtually with Kelly Click here: Guidance and Energy Work - BEYOND WORDS & WISDOM (beyondwordsnwisdom.com)