Mom Chic

Mom Chic

Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to wearing mom jeans and give up on trying.  You can be a mom, have a low maintenance routine and still feel and look good about yourself. 


For Play Dates: Add a squirt of foundation to your moisturizer to brighten your eyes, quick coat of mascara to widen eyes, and lip gloss for a basic rested makeup look. See my hair style guide for “Better Mom Bun” simple and easy but an upgrade from a messy bun that results in knots.  Add small earrings that can’t be pulled on but so you still look pulled together.  A great outfit for today is a low maintenance and comfy t-shirt dress with a crop top sweater and for fall we all love a classic comfy boot. (Tip: Add bike shorts underneath to avoid chafing while chasing your kids!)



For Birthday Parties:

    Same routine as above, add a touch of color to your cheeks (blush or bronzer) and a neutral eye shadow.  Half Up Half down Routine is nice so it looks like you tried harder than you really had to.  Add a blousy flowy shirt over your leggings so you are still comfortable but look put together.  Add a cinch waist jacket to give you shape and keep you cozy during these fall days.  If your child is no longer pulling on your necklaces add a pendant necklace and a bracelet stack.  Again, go for easy and comfort with flats or a short bootie with a little platform that will give you height without having to to walk in heels.



For Mom’s Night Out:

   Get dolled up because this day you get to put more time into YOU!! You get an official mom break!!  You deserve to feel and look amazing on this day!! Take some time, curl your hair, do a fun smokey eye, add some big fun dangly earrings and a statement bracelet!!  Go all out! And take lots of pictures to live vicariously through during your day to day when you are not feeling as glamorous, but to remind yourself that you’ve still got it!!



 I can switch up between all 3 of these options in a weekly span because I wish I could always get “Mom’s Night Out” ready but realistically sometimes I only have time for “Play Dates” ready!  Either way, take the time to drink some coffee in the morning and wine or a margarita (whatever serves you) at night and take some time for you because you are worth it and you are doing the most amazing and incredible job in the world by raising little humans!


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